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September 05, 2023 Andy
Stalk Outdoors Podcast
Show Notes

Todays yarn is with world renowned shot coach, Joel Turner from Shot IQ in the USA. This is episode two of our multipart USA Bowhunting special. 

Joel has spent 25 years researching the science behind mastering the shot process. We get right down into the weeds on all things shooting.
Topics include:
• Thoughts aren’t Thinking
• Neurolinguistic programming 
• Aiming 
• Controlled shot processes
• Fuck ups and plenty more!

Joel is an incredibly intelligent guy who is super willing to share his knowledge and techniques to help us all gain control of our mental state to assist us in stressful situations. It was a pleasure to sit down and pick the brain of the premier shot coach in the world. 
This is his story. 

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