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011: ELK SHAPE | Dan Staton

August 21, 2023 Andy
Stalk Outdoors Podcast
011: ELK SHAPE | Dan Staton
Show Notes

Dan Staton, the creator of Elk Shape joins the podcast as our first episode in our multi part USA Bowhunting special. Dan is a well respected Elk hunter who embraces the grind in all aspects of his life. 
He lives by the mantra "The separation is in the preparation" and demonstrates this in his life,  hunting and fitness successes.

Dan is a successful digital Youtube creator, Elk Shape Podcast host, father and husband with a true passion for all things he puts his mind too. 
Topics covered:

  • USA hunting regulations (tag systems etc)
  • Elk Shape Camps
  • Archery training techniques 
  • Discipline Vs Motivation 
  • Challenges facing all hunters (government bias etc)

Dan is a super interesting guy with extensive knowledge in the bowhunting and archery fields.
This is his story.

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