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009: Extreme Solo Adventurist | Outback Mike

July 25, 2023 Andy
Stalk Outdoors Podcast
009: Extreme Solo Adventurist | Outback Mike
Show Notes

This yarn  is part 1 of a 2 part episode with extreme solo adventurist Mike Atkinson. Some may know him as Outback Mike from Alone Australia season 1, however Mikes story runs far deeper than that.

Part 1 we learn of Mikes monumental solo expedition where he hand carved a 5 meter dug out canoe from a huge hoop pine tree (worked full time on it for 14 months) before sailing it solo 1500 kms to the tip of Australia via Cape York living off nothing but the land using 1840’s equipment. 

Mikes inspiration for the extreme adventure came from early Australian settler James Morrill, who survived a 42-day sea voyage off the Queensland Coast in 1846.

This incredible story of dedication, skill and mental resilience against all odds is nothing short of amazing and will inspire others to chase their dreams. 

Mike also shares his transition from fast jet military pilot to extreme solo adventure film maker and shares some of the survival skills he learned from his time in the military. 

This is his story. 

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