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006: Fallow Deer 101 | Brett Meldrum

June 13, 2023 Andy
Stalk Outdoors Podcast
006: Fallow Deer 101 | Brett Meldrum
Show Notes

Todays Yarn we get a 101 on Fallow Deer hunting with "The Aussie Bowhunter" Brett Meldrum. Brett is a champion fella with over 23 years bowhunting experience under his belt.

Brett gives a 101 on all things Fallow hunting. Topics include:

  • How to locate
  • Fallow sign
  • Terrain
  • Feeding habits
  • Times of day to hunt
  • Hunting techniques (Calls, rattling)

Brett also shares the epic story of his 62 meter bow shot that successfully harvested the monster Red Stag of a life time. 

Brett has a wealth of bush experience and knows his stuff. He gives a ton of helpful tips for those looking to target Fallow Deer.
This is his story.

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