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005: The CRAY KING | Kodi Matthews

May 30, 2023 Andy
Stalk Outdoors Podcast
005: The CRAY KING | Kodi Matthews
Show Notes

Todays Yarn we are joined live in studio with local Far North Queensland legend, The Cray King Kodi Matthews. Kodi is a super experienced spearo and ex commercial diver with over 20 years experience diving Northern  Australian waters.
Such were his skills in finding and harvesting cray fish, he was subsequently named "The Cray King" by his fellow dive buddies.

Strap yourselves in as we consume a few too many beers and have a friggin great laugh while sharing a yarn on all things cray hunting. Topics covered include: 

  • Cray hunting techniques
  • Terrain
  • Ideal cray locations
  • Environmental conditions
  • Equipment used to find and harvest those sneaky cray.

Kodi also shares the lessons learned of his story of survival after his 6 meter boat capsized and sunk on a remote offshore reef in the middle of the night.
This is his story.

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